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Frauds are much more likely to be detected by tips than by any other method.

The typical organization loses an estimated 5% of its annual revenues to occupational fraud. The median loss caused by the occupational fraud cases in our study was $140,000. More than one-fifth of these cases caused losses of at least $1 million.

Median loss for a business is reduced by 75.4% if they have a hotline and pay cash rewards. 44.4% of the reduction comes from a hotline and 31.0% comes from rewards for whistleblowers. The majority of tips reporting fraud come from employees of the victim organization.

“The issue is no longer whether to establish a program of anonymous reporting, but how?”

- Lynn Clements, PhD, Florida Southern College, published expert on whistleblower issues.


forbesHow Do You Spot The Thief Inside Your Company?

Cut Your Losses and Increase Your Bottom Line

How Much Profit Are You Losing to Theft?

Theft is on the rise. Businesses lose millions of dollars in bottom-line profitability by failing to put in place a deterrent that minimizes internal theft. One of the most effective programs to alleviate theft is an anonymous tip line that Pays Cash to the Tipster.


Prevent Loss … Protect Your Profits

RedLine Solution, LLC. provides an anonymous tip line that is economical and effectively reduces theft, which can return hundreds of thousands of dollars back to your bottom-line profit. Our service provides Loss Prevention Results and a Return on Investment (ROI).


Foster Loyalty … Learn What Your Honest Employees Know

Our loss prevention tip line fosters loyalty, and encourages employees, guards, delivery drivers, vendors, etc., to report theft that eats into your profit. Honest employees want to help their company. However, many times they do not report what they know because of fear of retribution. With RedLine, employees feel safe through anonymity, and report what they know through our protected tip line. This makes them part of the solution, and pays them cash for doing the right thing.


We Become Your Virtual Employee … Available 24/7/365

home2We are on duty protecting your business assets 24/7/365 without the expense of employee insurance payments, taxes, sick leave, or annual leave. Our focus is on the reduction of your losses. Our staff has over a century of experience and is dedicated to increasing your bottom line. Our call center employs bilingual professionals to take the calls. We supplement but do not replace cameras, security forces, or security systems. Based on tip information, you learn where to best focus other loss prevention tools and staff.